SIDney On-Line is FLASH multimedia interactive website containing all informations from GK Mysteries homepage, but featuring first SIDNEY layout. Everything will be accessed like in SIDNEY operating system with GREAT choice - you can download whole system as .EXE file and run from your computer without needing to connect to internet (except few active lists)!!! Downloadable .EXE file will be available after online tests.

As small preview here is little screenshot of SIDney On-Line design. It's based on old SIDney design, developed for Gabriel Knight 3 - Blood Of The Sacred Blood Of The Damned, and which was never implemented into game. I liked the design so much, so I decided to make the system alive. SIDney On-Line will work on any computer with Flash Plug-in installed. Downloaded as EXE file wil work on any 32 bit Windows.

DOWNLOAD the SIDney Online system (selfextracting archive 437 Kb) for your Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000. Most features will run on your computer, for some you will need the internet connection.

All you will need to enter SIDney site right now is small FLASH plug-in. This plugin is downloading into your browser automatically, while you are viewing this page (maybe you will need to confirm the installment of Macromedia content - that's FLASH plugin). When you will see SIDney logo and words FLASH loaded succesfully below, you can start SIDney On-Line application by clicking on the picture above.

GK characters, plot or story lines, "Gabriel Knight" and "SIDney" are trademarks of SierraStudios Inc. I do not any profit with using those and averything is done only as fan homepage.
Graphics, design and flash by UPIRsoft Graphics Slovakia 2000 - 2001 ( WWW ... @ )

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